Original Champion Skill Concept - Time Flail for Champion Concept

I'll get straight to it. Inspiration {{champion:119}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:18}}{{champion:122}} ... The **Time Flail** in short is a metered skill effect that empowers and enables abilities based on a monitored attack system. The Concept is as follows: **The Passive** would be called **Flail Timing**It would consist of an visual 12 hour clock that is projected around the character when the champion auto attacks or uses certain abilities. Similar to how {{champion:63}} 's passive currently displays. The movement speed of his empowered flail attack is 3x is current attack speed. This means that the time it takes for his flail to get from 12 to 12 is 3x his current basic attack speed. Thus improving the champions attack speed will decrease the time it takes for the flail to rotate. When the Flail is passed 12 once an aura is projected around the Champion. The Flail is not limited to just rotate once, it will rotate a maximum of 2 times, when at this point it will reset _or rotate counter clockwise slowly_. When he auto attacks his flail follows. and when the champion hits the target, it bounces Clockwise around him. When it has rotated completely once, the Champion's his next auto attack will deal additional physical damage. If this is timed from 1 complete rotation between [11-12]) the skill will deal additional damage as well as become a ranged attack, restarting the meter. **All** auto attacks pull the flail from whatever clockwise position it is counterclockwise **completely to origin**. **While working on a Champion Skill Concept, I began using this method to push out more abilities from this concept. **---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------**Current Skill Idea - W** - Naturally because it is a flail I headed to create his second ability (W) which would entail the character swinging the flail around and around (I understand {{champion:113}} already does this, but I wanted to introduce a how this can be seen in a new way) The Champion spins it's flail around a maximum of 2 times and when this skill is activated again he throws his flail in a direction. The longer this skill is channeled, the longer and farther this skill goes. At max range (Which would be obtained by rotating the skill 12 to 12 twice and timing the activation of this skill in a critical threshold. This could be 12 to the second rotation [11-12]), the max range deals an explosive effect, that slows enemies. During this skill he can call his flail back - restarting the meter backwards. If the flail isn't moved by an ability Flail Timing is put on reset. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next to the Champions E I thought about using this passive of positioning and timing with a debuff. **Current Skill Idea - E** - The Champion slows enemies who are between the center of your model and your flails position dealing magic damage to all enemies affected. This damage is doubled and the effect is doubled each time the flail has rotated completely. (from 12 to 12). The Champion's first ability is called Small Hand - What this allows the character to do is to pinpoint positions where he wishes to slow. When this is timed properly the champion will deal a heavier slow and heavier magic damage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lastly The Champions Q ability works on timing his flail once again. **Current Skill Idea - Q - The Passive** - After this skill is used, his flail will rotate counterclockwise back to origin 12. **Active** - Push your character forward using your current flail timing. Wherever you land, you will deal physical damage around you. Essentially how you would use this skill is to auto attack and when the skill flail is at a position you wish for it, you would activate the skill and the next animations would follow. This skill could be used to dodge enemies and for other in-game tactics -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lastly my only concept for an ultimate is something to do with converting the Flail into a stronger weapon. _The Flail head_ of the weapon would be converted into an _axe-head_. When activated all of his Flail attacks have wider ranges and go through all enemies the flail goes through. This skill is like {{champion:122}} 's Q except with every auto attack, and rotation of the champion's flail it slices through enemies for flat damage (physical damage to def*). This skill is meant to benefit from Flail Timing and the Champion's abilities.

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