[GAMEPLAY] Sylas voice lines change when stealing an ult

Whenever I play as Sylas, I sometimes get a glitch wherein after I steal an ult, and I cast it, I can sometimes hear the voice lines of the champion that I stole the ult from. This is not consistent, though, as it does not happen with every champion. So far, I've had it happen with ezreal and morgana. To reproduce the bug: 1. Steal an ult from a champion 2. If it doesn't happen straightaway, kill someone with it 4. The occasional voice lines Sylas does, you will hear the champion you stole the ult from This does not happen everytime however, so it might be just a few champions that causes this. But it is really annoying sometimes Sadly, I'm not able to record, since it happens at random, and I don't play Sylas all the time. Thank you for reading, and I hope you can get it fixed soon.

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