Morde and the new Spell Surge mastery

If you are supposed to damage a certain amount of damage in 2 seconds, how will Morde even be able to proc the new Stormraiders rune mastery thing? Morde's dot w is over 4 seconds Morde has bad bad bad Attack speed, so you will NOT get 3 Q's off in seconds early or mid game unless you stack attack speed Wtf RITO how will Morde use this plz help

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AA then reset it with Q then your E or just use your E first?
Can't he just WEauto? Are the cast times too long?
His attack speed is slow sure I don't think it will be a problem. That said all of Mordekaisers spell do have a small cast time and are prone to not casting or delaying due to Bugs. Without testing I can't say
Autos don't count except the amped up auto from Q. But Morde's attack speed is so slow, that oftentimes you will be in the animation for hitting your Q, and they just walk away, or flash out when you see your mace coming down. Imagine it:deactivate w (1 spell proc), e (2 spell proc), and than by the time you try to get Q off they walk away But reloading at the rune, I think I'm wrong, most people 7nderestimate Morde and stay within melee range anyways. And with 60% movespeed it'll be OP for sure FOR THE HUES

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