Chat banned unfairly

I just wanted to know if there is a way to repeal a chat ban, It popped up on me today just as i logged in, and it showed me the logs which were from a game in which a fiora got upset at the very beginning about a sett and how she died from a stupid W. I tried to tell her that she stood in the center of his W which gives True damage, and i was almost to her lane, we woulda got him but then she kept saying thats not how she died. After that myself and Galio both said thats exactly how you died, and she got mad so I muted her. she came mid after the mute, and took cs, pushed lane, and refused to join any fights with myself involved in them unless I died. She trolled me the entire game, my team hated her, the enemy team could tell something was off, and for myself.. I muted her.. how do I get chat banned not cursing.. not harassing, not griefing... It said the community agreed i needed the chat ban. So my question is is there a way to repeal chat bans for 1.. and my second question is the person said they had friends that could ban my account.. so is this possible they have moderators or something that put out the chat ban? ( They even went as far as to add me to friends list after the game cus i left lobby right away.. I declined the friend request but clearly im not the one pursuing or harassing someone...

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i tried, i wrote a 3000 words letter to explain why i shouldnt get banned, and that riot guy said "i feel sorry about that, but nah"{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
thats weird that they dont just look into these things. im not chat banned anymore obviously but still was pretty messed up that either A. that dude was telling the truth about having friends that could do stuff to my account, or B. the people who looked at that report didnt actually look at it.
1/ "WHY WAS I PUNISHED WHEN THE OTHER PERSON WAS WORSE OR STARTED IT! Simply speaking, retaliation is not an acceptable or justifiable behavior. An argument between two players can easily create a negative experience for the rest of the players in the game with you. Regardless of the other player’s actions, this does not justify your own behavior. You alone are responsible for your actions within the game.If you encounter a toxic player like this, the best option is to simply report their behavior and move on." We can assume theres nothing unfair with your automated chat restriction, hence no reason to appeal. You may post your entire chat logs if you want. 2/ "person said they had friends that could ban my account" ---> probably lying troll. It costs nothing to say during a game that you are Barron Trump.

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