New Universe Art 10.5

Hello everyone and goodbye everyone! This is less of a post to showcase artwork and more of a thank you to the Story, Art & Sound Community. I've been enjoying the wild theories, thorough analyses, and occasional lore bombs from Riot's narrative team. Although the rest of the boards were filled with toxicity, complaints, and low effort content, I always came back for this section which seemed to be unaffected by the environment around it, alongside Concepts & Creations. I learned to know some of the regulars, had interesting discussions and overall had a great time. But all things must come to an end. Since boards are shutting down soon and I'm not sure if I'll transition to a different platform, here's a big THANK YOU from me. It's been a blast! I wanted to contribute to this community; that's why I started these post. In the end, if I was able to help even a single person, the effort was worth it. I wish you all the best and sincerely hope we'll meet again. --- [The Name of the Blade]( (2560 x 1440) --- The usual instructions: If you'd like to be able to view an image of an older story, but don't know how, you can either request it in the comments or search for it yourself by right-clicking on the page of the story, clicking 'Inspect', clicking on the 'Sources' tab, and searching through the file system on the left hand side. Usually the images can be found either in the "" or "" directories.

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