My Issues with Alpha Client

Dear Riot, I have been testing the alpha client since the closed beta were I was accepted in the final week before the open beta was released. I have a few points i want to discuss in this thread. 1. The first issue I notice is lag/delay. Often times when I queue up for a game, there is a delay of about 5-9 seconds when the graphics actually appear saying i am in queue. I tested this multiple times, and I use the part where it says the time waited above the estimated wait to see the delay. In champ select, I often experiencing lag when I want to change summoner spells. The animations also seem to cause me to lag when a champ is banned, causing me to dodge a game multiple times. It has gotten slightly better over the past few weeks as I was close to almost banning a champion but timed out due to lag. I searched to ban the champion talon, but buy the time taliyah and talon popped up in the search results i already dodged the game in ban phase. I used the hextech repair tool, and I dont think it helped that much. 2. Disable animations option in setting doesn't seem to work. I have this checked ever since I received the client. I have no clue what the purpose of this button does, but I don't see any animations disabled. I would rather have an option that returns the fancy animations of the new champ select to an updated look of the legacy client champ select. A simple yet sleek design that could be touched up just a bit. So if there happens to be 10 bans it can fit them. If i have any more issues that I am reminded of or have I will post a reply to this post. I am a lower end PC user, so the problem may turn out to be the optimization of the alpha client.

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We did a lot of work that should be in for 6.24 that will help with performance - I believe the "disable animations" option will also be functional then
> **chupaacabra \(NA\) said:** We did a lot of work that should be in for 6.24 that will help with performance - I believe the "disable animations" option will also be functional then 3. Can no longer view players you recently played against. 4. Game sometimes just gets stuck loading champions in lobby not allowing you to pick or lock in, or see anything else when others have picked or locked in. 5. Games sometimes get stuck in lobbies and not let change your runes masteries or summoner spells and error just keeps popping up saying 'unable to change at this time' or something. 6. Can no longer see my winrate percentage or if I can I can't figure out for the life of me how to find it. 7. When changing mastery pages you have to wait 5-10 seconds before you can click edit and change that mastery page.
yeah the delay when entering champion select can be very annoying.

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