Positive AFK experience

So I have this idea. Why not create an auction for afk replacement? The rules are as follows. 1) The person going AFK types /afk to pays ## RP to leave the game with only 20 LP loss (or, if afk detected automatically, loses 100 LP). 2) There is an auction lobby, you auction by betting LP on whether or not to take a game (15s rollling, open game stats board). 3) If you win, you get some LP (not much) AND a part of the RP. 4) If you lose, you get no RP and lose some LP (not much tho) I think this would transform AFK games into a rewarding experience. These specifics are not the point. The point is to get us thinking about ways to take negative gameplay {{champion:142}} and turn it into positive gameplay. {{champion:99}}

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